The Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Mark


The Gospel of Mark Bible study guide. Verse-by-verse examination of the text with discussion questions and sample answers. Developed over a long period in real-life church situations to be challenging, relevant, yet simple and easy to understand. Hundreds of church and home group leaders have already benefitted from using Faithbuilders studies.

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The Gospel of Mark: Bible Study Guide: A verse by verse guide with thought-provoking questions and sample answers.

“These studies have helped me stand in the most difficult times of my life”

“I feel that I have grown spiritually through the study of God’s Word”

Faithbuilders studies will lead you to a deeper appreciation of God’s Word and its relevance for your life today!

Faithbuilders Bible studies provide verse-by-verse examination of the books of the New Testament. Challenging and relevant, whilst avoiding academic language, hundreds of pastors, home group leaders and Christians from a wide range of church backgrounds have already benefitted from using the Faithbuilders studies.

Every chapter has thought provoking questions to aid study and sample answers are provided.

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