She Went Ahead


The true story of the events surrounding the death of 7-year-old Nicola Gatting, and her Christian family’s journey through the dark valley of grief.

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A true story. Ruth, Dave and their three children were a happy, contented family. In early 1987 they sensed God telling them that they needed to trust Him more deeply, because of what was ahead of them. It sounded ominous, and Dave thought that something was going to happen to one of the children, but they didn’t dwell on that.
Just a few months later, Nicola fell at school and broke her arm. What seemed a minor accident rapidly turned into a nightmare, as Nicola went into a feverish, delirious state and was rushed into surgery. She never regained consciousness, and within five days of the accident she had died. It was the beginning of a journey the family did not want to take – a journey of deep grief.
Through this time, Ruth remembered what God had said earlier. As she leaned on Him in her distress she found that she was able to trust God to carry her through this dark valley, and have the faith to believe that eventually He would bring good out of this terrible tragedy.

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