About our Publishing Services

Apostolos publishing began when a group of academics became unhappy with their existing publishers and the ways in which they made PhD research and other reference books available to the reading public.

Problem 1

Many publishing houses in the sector commission almost all their own work, meaning that it is extremely difficult for new authors to access their services.

The Apostolos Solution

Apostolos also solicits its own publications by the traditional publishing model. However, we are always on the look-out for new authors. Consequently, all manuscripts submitted to Apostolos are carefully considered (by rigorous peer-review) and we are happy to consider unsolicited submissions, so that first-time or less well-known authors get their chance to be published on a more level playing field.

Problem 2

Because of the limited market potential of academic works, publishers may either:

  • a) pay the author little or no royalties, meaning that the author has no stake in the success of their book;
  • b) charge excessive upfront fees ($3500-$6000); or
  • c) charge extremely high retail prices for your book, whilst offering small discounts to authors - we have known distinguished academics who could not afford copies of their own books!

Furthermore, many of our competitors insist that the author employs expensive freelance professional editorial services prior to submission.

The Apostolos Solution

When we initiate an approach to any author to solicit a manuscript, we charge zero fees. However, unsolicited manuscripts (those you send to us) are also considered, and if they are accepted, we will offer you a complete publishing package which includes all the professional editing your manuscript needs, proofreading, cover design, ISBN, legal deposit, etc. for a reasonable service fee (see our full list of service fees). We give all our authors a generous royalty share of up to 10% of RRP on print sales & 5% of RRP for ebooks. The RRP of published works is kept to a reasonable level, with authors given a 35% discount on copies of their book rising to 50% for orders of 50+ copies. Also, ebook versions are offered at a substantially lower price than printed versions - meaning more readers (especially students) will be able to access your work.

What About Distribution?

We have a worldwide distribution - in print by the highly respected UK firm with proven global track record, Marston Book Services (Distributor of the Year 2016) and digitally with a global leader in print and digital media distribution, Ingram. Your book will be available internationally from all leading retail and trade outlets (e.g. Amazon - including Kindle - iStore, Gardners, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble).