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Apostolos offers a complete commercial publishing solution for academic authors and universities, specializing in Biblical studies and Christian theology, but serving all the humanities. We publish only serious works derived from PhD (or DPhil, Dmin or equivalent) or post-doctoral humanities research.


We offer a traditional publishing service, with no fees, and author support which includes all aspects of professional editing, proofreading and design. With market-leading worldwide distribution your research will be available to the widest possible audience in both print and all major electronic formats at a reasonable retail price.

Marital Imagery in the Bible: An Exploration of Genesis 2:24 and its

Significance for the Understanding of New Testament Divorce and Remarriage Teaching



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PLUS: The New Testament Study Series - The Role of the Holy Spirit in Biblical Hermeneutics by Dr Trevor Reynolds.

           Wholeness and Holiness—Medicine, Disease, Purity, and the Levitical Priesthood by Dr M.A. Glasby (Edinburgh), BD, MA, PhD, MD, DSc, FRCPE, FRCSE, FRCS


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For many readers the Epistle to the Hebrews is among the most difficult books of the New Testament. Korean scholar Bong-chur Shin’s work provides a welcome insight into interpretive issues for biblical scholars and serious students. The book provides an exegetical framework which helps readers navigate the meaning of the text, by examining the epistle in the light of the New Testament’s ‘New Exodus’ imagery.


By discussing the underlying themes of corporate deliverance, Christ as a royal priest who (by means of his redeeming sacrifice) leads his people out of exile and provides for them during their pilgrimage journey, the author provides an interpretative key which helps unlock a fuller understanding of the epistle in its original context.


Dr. Shin's exploration of the new exodus motif in Hebrews adds to works that have taken place in other portions of the New Testament, namely sections of the Gospels, Acts, the Pauline corpus, and Petrine and Johannine literature. Broadly the work is useful in considering the conceptualization of the new exodus in New Testament, and specifically in understanding how aspects of the new exodus are realized in Hebrews. I recommend this work for serious students of biblical theology and others who seek to understand the paradigmatic underpinnings of the epistle. Readers can benefit from the volume's contextualization of difficult sections by providing interpretive backgrounds that better explain otherwise baffling passages. - Dr. Richard M. Cozart, Professor of Biblical Studies, CBS, Houston, TX.


If read carefully, this book will yield rich results for scholars, preachers and serious students of the Word. There is much more treasure within the text of this Letter to the Hebrews than many imagine and this book will assist you in mining that treasure and sharing it with others. - Rev. Dr .  D. Eryl  Davies, Bangor University, Wales, UK.



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The Lion and the Lamb: Studies on the Book of Revelation - Pieter Lalleman


An easy to read introduction to the book of Revelation by a respected biblical scholar.


Do you find Revelation hard to understand? Help is at hand!


Dr Pieter J. Lalleman, Tutor of Biblical Studies at Spurgeon's College, London, takes the reader step by step through the challenges of the Bible's last and most difficult to understand book.



Current Best Seller of  2016!

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Introducing our non-academic Christian imprint: Faithbuilders serves the Christian church.

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Have your cake and eat it! All our authors receive 50% off the retail price of their book, and a fair share of  royalties on every book sold.

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The history of revival can inspire revival today!

‘The enemies of the King fell in their thousands, … Heaven had come down.‘


Wales has been called the ‘land of revival’ with at least fifteen outstanding revivals in Wales between 1762 and 1862, resulting in spiritual awakening, resulting in increased church attendance and moral improvement.

With 2016 marking the 100th anniversary of the Apostolic Church in the UK, this new book will enthuse a new generation of revivalists with the story of the mighty Spirit-led growth of the Apostolic Church in the South Wales Valleys - now North Gwent and Newport districts.


“Jason writes with clarity about the birth of the Apostolic Church in the Monmouth Valleys being the result of heaven-sent revival and the tireless labours of faithful men and women.  Revived spiritual life transformed many communities, changing destinies not only at the time of the revival but many in the generations since.  Jason’s work informs and inspires and I commend it to you with the prayer that He who has ignited fires of revival in the nations in history, will do so again.” - Timothy W. Jack, National Leader, Apostolic Church


“The rise of the Pentecostal movement in Wales has received little serious attention.  In this book Jason Pennington relates the key figures, places and events that played a vital role in laying the foundations for the Apostolic Church in East Wales. As history shapes who we are today it is important for Apostolic Church members to be aware of their heritage; this book will assist in the exploration of that history.” -Dr. Chris Palmer, author of The Emergence of Pentecostalism in Wales.  

About the author

Jason Pennington has been a pastor with the Apostolic church for over 13 years, and is currently district Pastor for North Gwent covering Abergavenny and Ebbw Vale.

With a wide-ranging ministry, Jason is passionate about spiritual renewal and genuine Christianity. He is married to Charis and they have five adult children.