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Apostolos is an independent academic publishing imprint for the global market, specialising in Biblical studies and Christian theology.

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We will bring your research as a published book to the global market in paperback, hardback and all major electronic formats.

Professional editorial support, print and ebook publishing, short run and print on demand, digital publishing services linked to a proven worldwide distribution network.

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Apostolos offers a complete commercial publishing solution for academic authors and universities, specializing in Biblical studies and Christian theology, but serving all the humanities. We publish only serious works derived from PhD (or DPhil, Dmin or equivalent) or post-doctoral humanities research. We offer a traditional publishing service, with no fees, and author support which includes all aspects of professional editing, proofreading and design. With market-leading worldwide distribution your research will be available to the widest possible audience in both print and all major electronic formats at a reasonable retail price.

Marital Imagery in the Bible: An Exploration of Genesis 2:24 and its

Significance for the Understanding of New Testament Divorce and Remarriage Teaching



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PLUS: The New Testament Study Series - The Role of the Holy Spirit in Biblical Hermeneutics by Dr Trevor Reynolds.

           Wholeness and Holiness—Medicine, Disease, Purity, and the Levitical Priesthood by Dr M.A. Glasby (Edinburgh), BD, MA, PhD, MD, DSc, FRCPE, FRCSE, FRCS


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Dr Chris Palmer's outstanding study uncovers documentary evidence which suggests that the Pentecostal church in Wales had an even bigger impact on world Pentecostalism than has previously been recognized.


In this book Chris Palmer gives us the first detailed and wide-ranging account of the emergence of Pentecostalism in Wales at the start of the 20th century.  He uncovers links that have been unknown to previous historians and shows the crucial importance of Welsh congregations not only to Wales itself but to the whole of Pentecostalism in the UK.  Set against a broad social background and supported by careful research there is much here to interest the academic historian and inspire ordinary churchgoers interested in understanding their faith.  - William Kay, Professor of Theology at Glyndwr University, Wales and Professor of Pentecostal Studies at the University of Chester, England.


Chris Palmer has certainly produced a readable, interesting, indeed intriguing, account of the early 20thC developments in South Wales of the Assemblies of God. He does not restrict its research to confessional hagiography but academically writes of the culture and context of the time in South Wales. He seriously questions - with good detailed evidence – some previous accepted understandings and enlarges the picture- theologically not just relationally. It is certainly worth reading, and for future historians of Pentecostalism to note the influence the 'Children of the (Welsh) Revival' had on the following century's Pentecostal work. - Dr Anne E. Dyer, EPTA Secretary and Research Centre Manager, AOG Mattersey Hall College, England.


This book represents a valuable and original contribution to the early development of Pentecostalism, especially the Assemblies of God in South East Wales. The author identifies several early theological influences from Wales but also England and America. There are fascinating insights into the beginnings of

Assemblies in Crosskeys and Newbridge. Not all will agree with the movement's distinctives but this book is a stimulating read. - Rev. Dr D. Eryl Davies, Union School of Theology and University of Chester.




Digital review copies are now available for reviewers and course leaders. Request details from the Apostolos office.

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The Lion and the Lamb: Studies on the Book of Revelation - Pieter Lalleman


An easy to read introduction to the book of Revelation by a respected biblical scholar.


Do you find Revelation hard to understand? Help is at hand!


Dr Pieter J. Lalleman, Tutor of Biblical Studies at Spurgeon's College, London, takes the reader step by step through the challenges of the Bible's last and most difficult to understand book.



Current Best Seller of  2016!

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